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What people are saying about Lucanus
See what people are saying about Shimano's Lucanus system...

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know our recent experience with the Luanus jigging system. I operate the commercial sportfishing boat Dominator, out of Seaforth Sportfishing in San Diego. First let me start out by saying that the fishing was not wide open by any means on both those days. I was fishing the Lucaus jig in 45 fathoms of water, and had no problem getting to the bottom with the 3 ounce jig. Passengers that were fishing 40 pound mono with a 10 ounce torpedo sinker weren’t able to get there and had to use more weight. The jig works great, we had 10 lingcod, and 8 were on the Lucanus. Catching lingcod in 45 fathoms with that light gear is a blast! We also caught sculpin, whitesish, nice reds, and chuckleheads. Overall a great system you put together. Great for winter time fishing when there isn't much that pulls back.

I don't plan on putting it away for spring and summer either. This jig looks just like a red crab in the water, good for tuna. Plus if you take the jig off and tie on a hook, you’ll have a killer bass rod. Would also work as a great worm rod in the lake.

Thanks Shimano for the great product.

Captain Peter Giacalone, M/V Dominator
San Diego, CA

I was fortunate to be on a 2.5 day Shimano/Western Outdoor News trip out of San Diego last weekend. Justin Poe of Shimano brought an arsenal of Tescata rods with Calcutta TE reels and the new Lucanus jigs for everyone to try. I have to admit I was skeptical when I saw how light the jigs and rods were since we were going to be fishing in more than 300 feet of water with wind. I started out with a 100 gram jig and was able to get down to hookup immediately. It was amazing how I could feel the slightest bites and feel the fish fighting all the way up.

Anglers who weren't using the Lucanus system had to use at least 16 oz. of weight to get down. In the afternoon and the next day the wind picked up. While those fishing conventionally had to use 3-5 pound weights to get down, I simply tied on 6-8 oz. torpedos and was able to get to the bottom with no trouble. The Lucanus system proved to be exceptional in tough conditions the entire trip. I would recommend the Lucanus system for anyone who is tired of using heavy rods and reels, and wants a much more sporting method of fishing.

Shawn F.
Santa Barbara, CA

“I don’t even Like rock fishing” was my reply when a friend of mine recently asked me to go Rockfishing with him. If my memory serves me correctly it is boring and laboring. A 40 pound outfit and all that lead cranking it up and off the bottom all day did not sound like fun. All be it a tasty reward of rock fish. Still to me it was hardly worth the time and effort. He assured me that this would be different so I took him up on his offer. We went to a local spot only about a half mile off the beach. We were fishing in 280 feet of water. He handed me a lure that I had never seen anything like before. A cross breed of a squid/Octopus/bug like thing called Lucanus. The rod was lighter than my lightest bait outfit that I brought that day. I tied the jig on and sent it to the bottom. The light rod and spectra line made the outfit very sensitive and I could feel every stone and bite like it was 10 feet deep not 200+. The bites were constant and immediate. We caught 7 different species of Rockfish that day and had our limit within 2 hours fishing time. My best fish of the Day was this 6 pound Red Rockfish. The Lucanus system has opened a big door for me. I never turn down an invite for a rock fishing trip anymore!!
Dana Point, CA

On a recent party boat trip into Mexican waters I discovered your Lucanus system. I had read about it and seen the pictures but had not had the chance yet to pick any up at the Local Tackle shop. A friend of mine did and got the jump on me. We were drift fishing in 180 feet of water off the coast of Mexico. He was in the bow of the boat and I was a ways down the side. I had caught just 1 fish and wanted to check how he was doing so I walked up to the bow. He had 10 different assorted rockfish on the deck around him. I could not believe how many he had caught already. He offered me a chance to try it which I accepted. He explained to me the technique which was surprisingly simple. First drop I was on instantly. He let me use it for 3 drops in a row. I caught fish on all three drops. Then we started trading off until we caught our limit. Then we decided everyone else needed to give it a try since they did not seem to be having the fun we had. So everyone had a chance to fish this system. We had a very successful trip almost all passengers caught their limit. I am sure most of the passengers will buy the jigs and rods on their next trip to the tackle store. I went by the tackle store on the way home. I had to get them. Thanks for a fun and productive new way to catch fish.
~San Diego, CA

Recently I tried the New Lucanus system I had heard so much about. Quite honestly I was a little skeptical at first. But I tried it and it was fantastic. I had been used to using a much heavier jig and a much heavier rod for Snapper fishing here in Louisiana. We fish Red Snapper quite often here. It was nice to find a new way to fish for them. These jigs were more productive and more fun to use. The light action of those new Tescata rods made fighting the fish a lot more exciting also! The Lucanus system is now another arrow in my quiver.
Venice, LA

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