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Lucanus Q & A
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Q: The hook seems too small. Why?
A: The hook that comes with the Lucanus Jig is selected to be the best choice for fish to be hooked by themselves. Multiple hook systems can provide a better hooking ratio.

Q: How can I use Lucanus on the party boat while everyone is rigged dropper loop with a heavy sinker? If I throw Lucanus Jig, it gets tangled with someone else.
A: You can tie a minimum 7ft. long line from the bottom eyelet of the Lucanus Jig just like a drop-shot rigging. The technique you will take is to crank up the Lucanus Jig until you feel the sinker, then drop the jig back again and repeat this action several times.

Q: The Tescata rod’s tip seems too soft. Why?

A: The soft tip of the rod is necessary to see the fish bite with Lucanus, as this fishing technique lets fish get hooked by themselves. In most cases, heavier and harder rod tips miss bites. The end result, you miss the most fun part of bottom fishing. The softer tip also helps to avoid unhook the fish when retrieving the fish out of deep water.

Q: How many Lucanus Jigs per rod can be set?
A: Check with local Game & Fish Department to find out about local regulations. In California, it is limited to 2 hooks per line to target Rockfish and Lingcod. Lucanus multiple hooks are considered as two hooks per jig. Thus, you cannot set more than two Lucanus Jigs per rod when targeting Rockfish and Lingcod in the State of California.

Q: I got a good fish bite but I missed hooking the many times. Why?
A: When you see the fish bite, do not set the hook. Keep reeling the line very slowly until you feel the fish is on by itself. Then, lift the rod to make sure the fish is hooked.

Q: I don’t get fish bites when I reel faster. Why?

A: Lucanus works the best when the jig moves as slow as possible. Fast moving the jig doesn’t always get bites in the most common case of cold water bottom fishing.

Q: What is the reason that Shimano is recommending monofilament leader for Lucanus Jig fishing?
A: Lucanus Jig fishing uses a soft rod tip. The expandable monofilament leader helps the fish bite the jig harder in their mouth achieving a better hook up ratio.

Q: What color jig should I use for fishing Cod?
A: Shimano has provided a recommended Target Species by Color chart for specific target fish. This chart shows only examples and suggestions when you make your initial selection. Preferences of jig colors vary geographically and from season to season. For example, bottom fish feed on crabs in the middle of winter, and then they start feeding bait fish in early spring.

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