Butterfly System
Shimano Butterfly Jigging System

The Butterfly Jigging System utilizes tackle that is extremely manageable and very effective during those heated battles with stubborn gamefish. No longer is it necessary to fish with big bulky tackle that turns your fishing into a job. This system is comprised of an ultra-sensitive, lightweight, durable rod with a high speed, high power reel, super line, and a unique 3-D shaped jig that when combined takes your fishing experience to another level of enjoyment.

The Butterfly Jigging System allows you to feel every movement of the jig during the retrieve. The strike can be felt at any depth due to the lightweight tackle used for jigging. The ultra sensitive Trevala rods let you feel everything from the bottom contour to blistering runs during a fierce battle. This provides the angler with a better sense of the true power of the fish.

Using the Shimano Butterfly Jigging System not only results in more bites, but turns your fishing into catching.

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Spinning Reels
The Spinning reels used in the Butterfly Jigging System have high speed retrieves and the necessary power to move big fish. These two features combined with a comfortable egg shaped handle and smooth drags with easy adjustment, make fishing trips more enjoyable while jigging and catching fish.

Conventional Reels
The conventional reels used in the Butterfly Jigging System have three unique features that are critical within the jigging system. The high gear ratios help impart the action in the jig while retrieving the lure, plus they keep you tight with the fish during initial hook set and throughout the fight. The high power factor helps you move the fish during the initial moments of the battle when they are close to structure, which could result in lost fish. While the narrow frame helps when thumbing the spool, keeping the line more manageable, and gives the angler added comfort with its size and weight. These reels also have extremely smooth drags with comfortable handles for long hours of jigging.
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Butterfly Jigging Rods
The highly innovative Shimano Trevala Jigging rod series is designed to be fished with the deadly Shimano Butterfly jigs, which were developed from an extremely productive Japanese-style jigging system. These are powerful, lightweight and light-action rods to be used with high speed, high power reels.

Cutting Edge Technology
Shimano has engineered the next generation of TC4 Construction. This new construction uses a high carbon butt section fused together with a TC4 tip section. This new blank design gives you the pulling power of TC4 but with less weight and increased sensitivity. You will also notice a much faster recovery rate, which will increase the jigging action and subdue fish faster.