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Butterfly Jigging has become the latest phenomenon in the fishing industry and we're excited to be a part of it. We're more excited to read your stories and see your photos with Butterfly Jigging and we will share those stories and photos right here on our website.

All you have to do is email us with your experience, tell us what you caught, how many you caught, which jig you used and anything else you want people to know about your adventure. We will then post your story and photo to our website and you can show all your friends. Please do not physically mail stories or photos in; we will not be able to return photos. Send your stories here.

I just wanted to share with you a wonderful saltwater fishing experience. I was privileged enough to catch a 79lb, 4oz Black Drum using a 5oz Shimano Flat-sided Green Sardine Butterfly Jig and Trevala Jigging rod. The fish was caught off of Shrewsbury Rocks, NJ in about 60 feet of water. Black Drum is a species not known for chasing jigs, but the butterfly jig proved too much too resist. This is my largest fish ever, and the fight took about 30 minutes. I must admit that I am now addicted to butterfly jigging and the Butterfly System.

Another highlight is that this fish qualified me for an entry into "The Fisherman" Magazine's Dreamboat challenge. This contest takes the top ten largest fish covering eight Atlantic species caught during the fishing season and gives me entry into a boat raffle. While it's a long shot, it would have never happened without your great system.

I want to thank you for this lifetime memory,
Tim B.
Bernardsville, NJ

We had a great day with your jigs on the Bluefin Tuna. We caught a total of 5 fish but current regulations only allow someone to keep 2. This shot is of the 90 plus pounder caught on a 5'8" Trevala Rod, Torium 16, Glow type 150g jig. This is out of C/M New Jersey in an area called the lumps where the sea floor rises from about 120 feet to 90 feet. The tuna are now feeding on sand eels on the tops of the lumps.

I have recently started using your butterfly system and I am hooked. I probably will never use bait for bottom fishing again. On a recent hald day trip of the coast of Myrtle Beach, SC with Fish-A-Holic Charters, I started dropping a 135 gram glow jig down in 100ft of water. First drop I hooked up with about a 20lb aj, and from then on I was hooked, I caught everything from Peanut Dolphin, Triggers, AJ, Sea Bass, even Spot Tail Pinfish.

But what the best part was is when I dropped the jig down and hooked up with an AJ about half way down to the bottom. After about 5 minutes into the fight the captain dropped his jig down and hooked up, after about 10 minutes into the fight we thought we were tangled with each other so he let up and I got mine to the boat. When we pulled it on board, we realized that the fish had both jigs in his mouth. I don't know if this happens a lot with your jig but my fish actually ate his jig while I was fighting it. Crazy, the coolest thing I have ever seen while fishing.

I'm hooked on the jigs and won't go back to bait, even ended up winning a tournament 2 weeks later catching kings on your jigs.

Thanks for such a cool product,
Bryan C.

I was jigging, but not much luck. Brandon asked me if we ever caught anything on those jigs. We said just wait for the right hole. We move to a different hole in 150ft of water. Brandon wasn't catching anything and I was pulling in lesser AJ's 2 at a time on the jig. Brandon wants to give it a try and keeps on until I give him the jiggin' rod.

He starts pulling in lesser AJ's up every drop, and then he started complaining about catching so many fish...it was funny...culling at 19" we pulled in 5 nice snapper all about 19-21 inches. Well the 5 o'clock alarm goes off on the chart plotter, so I start easing the anchor up.

Brandon wants one more, so I spot some fish about 30' off the bottom. I said in about 10 cranks you should be hooked up and on crank 14, the rod doubled over, and drag started coming off. About 5 minutes later, the fish comes out from under the boat...amazing. The official weight was a 15.5 lb snapper, and right in the box he went. After some cheering and a little clean up we headed back in. We showed off the fish to every boat we passed. Brandon was ready to go buy some jigs after the last hole. He couldn't believe how well they worked.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank the folks at Shimano for once again leading the way by thinking outside of the box. While at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, CA I had the privilege of being able to spend hours speaking with Larry Heron, Ben Flourintino & Jon Kuch of the Shimano prostaff about the new Butterfly System. Each individual took the necessary time to show me the workings of the entire system.

I finally got the chance to practice the technique when I departed with 3 of my friends on a fishing trip to the Cobia Island area of Panama. Three cranks into the first drop resulted in my largest Cubera Snapper ever! I am from the west coast and fishing iron is in our blood. It only took a few minutes before my buddies were digging through my box and trying to figure out which rods they had that they could use to try an attempt to replicate the actions I was getting using the complete system. I easily caught 10 fish to their 1 using the standard yoyo iron. Once they switched to the Butterfly Jigs the ratio moved up to about 5:1 but they were not able to experience the same feel and action using only the jigs without the complete combination.

My success was talked about among the Panamanian captains as many of them who I had not met started calling me Butterfly Man! I managed success with uncountable species on almost every drop near any kind of structure. Not only does this system work, it is amazingly comfortable and fun to fish! I noticed while reading the weekly reports in the Pesca Panama they commented on the success of the Butterfly System, and also requested future guests add it to their arsenal. I look forward to expanding my newfound success to the local waters of Southern California.

Thanks again,
Josh D.

I would like to tell you about my Butterfly Jigging experience in Monterey Bay last October. I do most of my fishing from an ocean kayak with my wife and a few friends. We typically fish about 2-3 days each month on the weekends.

I spent all of 2005 wondering if I was going to end the year without catching a single halibut. I had little luck fishing my usual spots with my standard setup on a hook with a sinkey slider. This worked ok before but never worked every time I was out. There were days I spent jigging lures and live bait and some days it just did not amount to much of anything.

On October 29th I paddled out of the Monterey Breakwater and took my new setup of the Shimano Trevala Rod and a Sardine SS 3.5" Butterfly Jig. This was the only rod I had that day and I began casting it out as I paddled and drifted over kelp beds and pinnacles. Almost immediately, I hooked rockfish and ling cod while drifting over low and high pinnacles in about 60 feet of water. Never had I had so many strikes in the first hour of fishing of such a wide variety of fish.

As I worked my way south along cannery row I fished some kelp paddies and caught some more rockfish. I had a lot of fun reeling them in and releasing them. I decided to try for halibut although late in the season for Monterey Bay as the water was getting pretty cold. I drifted the outside edge of a few kelp paddies to see what was around. I made it out to my favorite buoy and casted the butterfly jig out and did a slow retrieve with a jerking motion. All of a sudden my reel was screaming and the fight was on!

I initially thought it was a bat ray as my wife and I spent a good part of the morning catching and releasing some as wide as three feet. As I reeled and fought the fish I played the fight with the Trevala rod and tired the fish out in about 8 minutes. I reeled it closer under my kayak and saw it was the largest halibut I have caught ever!

It was the best day of kayak fishing I had ever had. For once my equipment worked flawlessly and made my day of fishing one to remember for years to come.

My friends and I were a bit skeptical about the new concept of butterfly jigging after I told them about what I read in Saltwater Sportsman magazine, but I can see how they have changes their opinions after watching me land the halibut in front of them.

I read the article about the Shimano Butterfly jigs about a month earlier and thought that the concept made a lot of sense. Combine lifelike appearances and motion to your jig, work it properly in the water column and it can only product results. The color combinations and schemes worked into the Shimano jigs all work hand in hand with their reels and rods for this purpose of Butterfly Jigging. It's a system that works!

I look forward to every outing and since that day I have also spent some time on the Sonoma coast jigging successfully for rockfish and flatfish.

Thanks for reading my story and thanks for the great products! Before that outing in October I was kind of giving up hope fishing with a rod and reel. That experience sparked a new interest in me and helped me stick with it. My wife appreciates this because she loves to fish off her kayak too and now knows she will have me with her on the water when we go fishing!

John C.

We went fishing on March 8, 2006. It only took us 30 minutes to get to the spot. We first trolled for Dolphin and Sailfish but were unsuccessful with two bites but none hooked and landed in the boat. Halfway through the trip we decided to fish on a reef in 150 ft of water. The first drop on a Shimano Butterfly Jig resulted in a 25lb Amberjack hook up, but was soon lost in the rocks by Mikey. But the next drop Ryan landed a 20lb and then Katy, Rita and Mike soon followed with 15lb to 35lb fish (all amberjacks). On our last bite, Ryan caught a 40lb amberjack. For the record books, these fish kick your butt as they first strike your jig, we were all pressed up against the rail of the boat. The whole experience was a lot of fun!!!

The Battistoni Family