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A Success Story
The recent success of Butterfly Jigging in the United States can be attributed to its early development in Japan during the early 1990's.
Japanese anglers developed a revolutionary style of deep water jigging that changed the nature of jigging as it was known at the time. Fishing as deep as 500 feet, they were using the first generation of super lines coupled with fluorocarbon shock leaders and the original jig designs. Shimano was able to successfully identify the significance of these jigs, and created a new lure design introduced as the Butterfly Jig.

The lure, combined with the line and tackle, helped increase sensitivity to detect bites, and get successful hook sets. The end result has been an increase in fish catching percentages, proving that the Butterfly Jig System works in aiding anglers across the globe to catch more fish!

A variety of species have been caught throughout Japan and Australia with the introduction of the Butterfly Jigs, and the technique developed to fish them. Anglers in the United States are enjoying the same success with the launch of Shimano's Butterfly Jigs and technique in 2005.

The Butterfly Jig System has proven its fish catching prowess in a variety of different oceans throughout the world, and has recently generated astounding success for fisherman across both North and South America.

The Butterfly Jig catches more species of fish in more locations, while providing you an exhilarating fishing experience!