A Success Story

The recent success of Butterfly Jigging in the United States can be attributed to its early development in Japan during the early 1990's. more

Dances with Butterflies

"On first inspection, I had serious doubts about the butterfly jig, its double hooks swinging from the top of the lure. "No way this thing will work," I'd thought. But my fishing buddies, Shimano's John Mazurkiewicz and TV celebrity Larry Dahlberg, assured me otherwise. On the first drop, Dahlberg and I got bit simultaneously, and as a donkey-sized Key West AJ tried to lift me off the of Capt. Steve Rodger's Contender, I became a true believer."

Deepwater Jigging

"Traditional thinkers will tell you that in order to probe the depths at the edge of the continental shelf you'll need broomstick-stout rods, several pounds of lead and multi-hook rigs. They'll say you need to carry slabs of cut fish, squid, or clams for bait. They'll claim it takes roughly 15 minutes to reel up your rigs from the 600- to 800-foot depths you'll be fishing in, and some of these conventional minded folks will even say an electric eel is a good idea. Hmmm - that doesn't make deep dropping sound like too much fun, does it? Good thing some innovators in the industry have come up with something new that'll put deepwater fishing in a new light." more

The Monarch of Jigs

"When Shimano came out with this all new Butterfly jigging system a while back, I was the first person to knock the idea. I really figured it was just another marketing ploy from a big company. Wow, was I wrong!"


Shimano Expands Butterfly Jigging System

IRVINE, Calif. - Mid-Year ’07 Intro -- Saltwater anglers have quickly realized the fishing success when using Shimano’s Butterfly Jigging System, and now the tackle manufacturer expands the system with the introduction of 54 new flat-side jigs. Depending on their weight, the flat-side jigs retail from $12.99 to $22.99.